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It also is an “Embed Attacker Spy Ware”


Because it embeds itself into the Registry, and immediately

Shuts off system restore, fire walls and virus security.


From that initial hit: It drives itself deeper into your system

And no program has the ability as of January 20, 2011

To PREVENT OR STOP…..and none can remove once in!


THE ONLY THING:  Stop…Do not move mouse!

                                    Stop…Do not touch keyboard!



Then follow my instructions: You should PRINT THEM

And have them at hand for they shall be needed sometime.



This cave was created to aid in sharing HOW TO PROTECT YOUR COMPUTERS from the worst internet malware attacker on the internet.
Anti Virus 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009,2010, 2011 and Best Virus and their newest one called Security Tools.
Notice 2010: Now called THINK POINT
Usually you will get a POP UP...basically saying you are at risk or infected, or a security scan is in progress:(matters not what it says)
You have been hit!
THEM....they do not!  Only you can save your system!
All "embed attacks" come from ONE SINGLE COMPANY!
All of the above are EXTREMELY BAD!
My desire in the following writing is to explain a bit about them and to show you THE ONLY WAY and ONLY THING you can do to protect your entire system when their application hits your system as you surf and explore the internet.
Please share what you read with family and friends.
Thank you,

I captured this one on January 20th 2011
This is a good example of what they llok like.


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The Internet grows and expands every single day. Your enjoyment and the safety for you and your's now depends on knowledge you learn to protect your home system or even your laptop while surfing, exploring and enjoying the entire Internet.
Sadly: There are people out there determined to extract your personal information and if possible steal your identity or simply use methods trying to have you "buy" an item under the guise it will protect you and your system.
It is true:
There are many virus's and trojons out there. Many companies that sell applications they say will protect you and some free ones that say the same. Malware dos applications ARE NOT A VIRUS!
Is the worst of all of them!
Mcafee, Nortons, Microsoft One Care, Microsoft Defender, Spy Bot and EVEN ALL POPUP STOPPERS...
Anti Virus known now as THINK POINT AND OR Best Virus is absolutely the worst attacker out there. And as of January 2001 they have started First ""  and IT WILL LITERALLY EAT YOUR SYSTEM piece by piece once it has installed itself in your working system.  More bad people are soon going to be using this same type attack application to infiltrate your systems. Only you can learn what to do and share this with everyone that uses the computers at home or even at work because even firewalls cannot stop this unit because when you go to a page or click any link from any search engine where they have attached this clicking you yourself grant permission for the link to open...Therefore YOU GRANTED permission for ALL THINGS ON THAT PAGE TO ACTIVATE AS IT OPENS IN YOUR WINDOW. 
You granted it administration rights to insert into the computers programming system.
That is why and how it can appear!



If while your surfing or goggling and get hit when you click a link to a page by XPAntivirus2008 or 2009, or Pro Version: or the newest BEST VIRUS, and NEW one called Alpha: 2010 also called now Security Tool: and their box opens and appears on your screen: Security Tool has now been made worse in that if the new version hits you and locks in it will stop SYSTEM RESTORE from working: Unless you bypass the applications working: READ BELOW!

Many have asked what I would do and to share it!
.....Do not click their box: click no where: STOP


Instead STOP.......Simply restart your computer with the ON OFF BUTTON...doing what is called a "COLD BOOT DOWN"......DO NOTHING ELSE except a cold boot down ASAP
Your system will shut them down this way:
Upon restart:

Once on desktop. Go Control Panel. Internet Options. Open and clear out all caches (Internet Explorer): If using other browsers....(make a short cut to its cleaning options in settings of the browser) then you can click that short cut and clean the browser of choice you use (when needed).

Now use disc cleaner.....Restart........Now use disc cleaner once more and use also the top option tab to use the system restore cleaner.....restart...once on desktop make a new restore point saying like CLEANED MALWARE OUT.....restart.....that is it!
You are NOW clean and once more safe from this vicious invader.

Hope this aids those who requested and others interested to be safe: Learning how to guard: That is exactly what this writing is about and explaining how easy you can stop them properly so they do not get a registry entry: It is important to learn this easy way! Why?

Because many more companies are getting ready for drop sale markers...Exactly as this company has law against them doing program can stop their hitting you if you bring up any site they have actively linked to auto set:

No program removes them! Not Mcafee/Not Nortons/not even malware removal programs....not even Spybot! 


It is going to start happening more and more as others jump on this way of selling.

This method works on any invader...And it makes your system safe after a hit.

IF YOU DID NOT STOP and accidently did click anywhere?

There is one LAST DITCH EFFORT....(?)

If it is cought quickly!

There may be a way?

I will try explaining it fully step by step:

1. Shut down the unit
2. Upon start up start tapping the F8 Key
3. When the target board appears: Use the arrow keys to scroll to START IN SAFE MODE-without networking.

4. When your Main Page appears........go to System Restore.......choose a restore point before the date of the attack.........highlight and restore.

5. When system restarts and returns to main page....use Disc Clean up tool......Then make a NEW RESTORE POINT....Now use disc cleanup once more...and use this time the top tab options...Bottom one should be clean out or clean up system restore points(these must be cleaned out because the program is in there)......System will now clean itself.

6. Restart: It should automatically do its thing and bring you back to desktop...and the attacker should be gone.

I know this can work for you !

We have saved many computers doing it this way before it attaches deeper into the drives. If this does not work..because you may have clicked or moved the mouse granting them autorization to insert:  Then Factory Restore will accomplish the task 100 percent....but, the above explained  is an option that works 99.99 percent of the time if we can catch it quick.



If my ideas "SAVED YOUR SYSTEM" 
I ask of you just 2 things?
1.  Share this web site with everyone you can!
     They need the same information YOU FOUND
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We all need to protect our own systems until some company like say Microsoft does develope an application which will hault embeded malware that by being attached to a page becomes activated and all install protocols granted simply by clicking a link to view a page from a search engine suggestion.
Most users are simply unaware and uninformed in what to do, and WHY THEY MUST DO IT.
My goal here is explaining how they work and why they have permission to install upon your system, AND
HOW TO STOP THEM  from installing!
I pray, all the above assists your fun and exploring upon the Internet with knowledge to save your system when needed.
From Wikipedia:

Malware, short for malicious software, is software designed to infiltrate or damage a computer system without the owner's informed consent. The expression is a general term used by computer professionals to mean a variety of forms of hostile, intrusive, or annoying software or program code.[1] The term "computer virus" is sometimes used as a catch-all phrase to include all types of malware, including true viruses.

Software is considered malware based on the perceived intent of the creator rather than any particular features. Malware includes computer viruses, worms, trojan horses, most rootkits, spyware, dishonest adware, crimeware and other malicious and unwanted software. In law, malware is sometimes known as a computer contaminant, for instance in the legal codes of several U. S. states, including California and West Virginia



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Here is the total list of the ones I KNOW out there:
Each must attach via a POP UP BOX
You authorize them to INSTALL by any Mouse MOVE or any key touched on the Key Board:
Remember: COLD BOOT SHUT DOWN !!!!!!!!

Smart Engine      SecureDefense   TrustDefender   ShieldSoldier   IronProtector       RegistryClever    IronDefense   IronDefender        Antivircat            SafetyGuard        DesktopLayer   HelpAssistant
Windows Defence   SpyDefender 2010    A-fast Antivirus  Acommander   Active Security    ActiveAntivir   AdCare   Advanced Security Tool 2010    Advanced Virus Protection  Adware Scanner 2010   AKM Antivirus 2010 Pro   Alureon
AWM Antivirus   Anti virus Protection    Anticare
AntiMalware / Anti Malware       Antispyware Defender
Antispyware Soft    Antispyware Software    AntiSpyware Soldier  Antivir / AnVi    Antivir Solution Basic    Antivir Solution Pro Antivirus-1 / Anti-virus-1    Antivirus 7 / Antivirus7  Antivirus 8 / Antivirus8   Antivirus 360    Antivirus 2009  Antivirus 2010     Antivirus 2010 / Antivirus2010   Antivirus 2010 Security Centre      Antivirus Action / AntivirusAction   Antivirus GT   Antivirus IS   Antivirus Protection    AntiVirus Protector   Antivirus Security   Antivirus Soft   Antivirus Software Alert   Antivirus Solution 2010   Antivirus Studio 2010    Antivirus System Pro  Antivirus XP   Antivirus XP Pro  AV Antivirus Suite    AV Checker    AVDefender 2011    AVScanner      AV Security Suite /  AVSecuirtySuite    ByteDefender   Cleanup Antivirus / Clean up Antivirus  Contraviro   Control Center   ControlCnt   CoreGuard   CTRLComponents   Data Protection    DeadEye / Dead Eye    Defence Lab   Defense Center / DefenseCenter   Defender Pro    Desktop Security 2010    Desktop Security 2010   Digital Protection  Dr. Guard   drive cleaner    Earth Antivirus / Earth AV”   ErrorWiz     Extreme Security 2010    EzPrivacy   Gala Search   Green AV Security Suite    GreenVaccine    Hardclean    Inprivacy    Internet Antivirus Pro   Internet Security 2010   IP Clear     IronProtector / Iron Protector   ShieldSoldier    Live Security Suite    Malware Destructor 2009   Malware Destructor 2011
MalwareDestructor2011    Malware Doctor     MalwareDoc  My Computer Online Scan   My Security Engine   My Security Shield  MyClean    MyFasterComputer    NavaShield    Net Protector AntiVirus 2010NetworkControl / Network Control    OneClean    OneScan   PC Defender  PC Defender Antivirus    PC Sweeper    PC-Guide   Pcenter  PCommander  Personal Anti Malware Center  Personal Antivirus Personal Security      Privacy Center  ProtectInfo     Protection Center / ProtectionCenter   Protection System   RegClean    Registry Doctor    Registry Smart Pro   ResetInfo    SafetyPC    Sahat      SecureDefense / Secure DefenseSecurity 2009     Security 2009   Security Hijack   Security Master AV    Security Suite / SecuritySuite     Security Suite Pro   Security Tool / SecurityTool   ShieldSoldier / Shield Soldier    SmartSecurity / XP Smart Security   SP Center   Spy Cleaner    SpyAway   Spycheck AntiSpyware / Spycheck Anti-Spyware 2010     SpyGuard  Spyware Cleaner 2010  Spyware Protect     SpywareVanisher / Spyware Vanisher     SysGuard
Sysinternals Antivirus    System Antivirus 2008    System Defragmenter  System Security   System Security 2009   SystemArmor   SystemArmor  ThinkPoint   Total PC Defender   Total Security  TrustDefender / Trust Defender  TrustDoctor   UnVirex   User Account Control   User Protection   VaccineCenter
VaccineData   VaccineTree   Vdoctor   Virus Doctor   Virus Protector   Virus Remover    Virus Remover 2009   Virus Remover Professional  Virus Total 2010   VirusCatch   VirusCure   VSCAN7   VSCodec Pro Trojan  Win Antispyware Center   Win Center  WinBlueSoft  WinCleaner  Wind Optimizer WinPC Defender / Win PC Defender / Win PC Antivirus     Win7 AV Wireshark Antivirus   XP Deluxe Protector  Your PC Protector  Your Protection  Tango toolbar    ResultDNS
THINK POINT is the newest right now !



Microsoft’s Malicious Software Removal Tool.


This is a great and safe application to learn How to Use.


We have all seen Microsoft Update installing updates for this

Tool to use in finding and correcting problems from bad apps.


The problem my friends is few know How to Use it?


To activate the unit:


Click on your start button icon.


Then click the RUN tab


Now type in the box:  MRT.EXE


The application unit will now open up.


Click NEXT


You have choices: Quick scan…Full Scan…Customized scan


Normally all you will ever use is the QUICK SCAN


But, once every month Run the FULL SCAN just before you head to bed because it takes a very long time and will be sitting there done in

the morning.


RUN THE SCAN……..If it finds anything simply follow it’s suggestions and directions. If not close and enjoy your system.

IF it did find things…Remember after a restart…MAKE A RESTORE POINT….and then clean out all OLD RESTORE POINTS


MRT.EXE  is worth the effort to learn How to Use !





And, cannot remove then or stop then once it has activated with your permissions to insert simply because you wanted to view a web page you searched for and your browser opened the page and the "Embed was there".


If you would like to:
You may make a donation helping to keep this site active.
And able to aid all computer users.
The choice is 100 percent yours !
Did this page fix your system? Protect it ?
Now ask yourself: "How much you saved because it's here?"
Either way.......Thank you..........pabear48

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